About Us

Why MIA?

MIA is a Bangalore based industry association (not for profit) focused on Entrepreneurship Development for minorities. It is one of the fastest growing industry associations in India with over 500 members covering 175 industries manufacturing tiny pins to aerospace components.

MIA was born in 2004, whena group of Industry veterans from Muslim community felt the need to hand-hold inexperienced entrepreneurs having great potential.The idea was to help these entrepreneurs increase their odds to success by sharing their valuableexperience and knowledgegained over decades spanning various fields and domains.

Why Choose Us?

MIA member

MIA is Consortium of industrialists and entrepreneurs of Bangalore and being a member gives you recognition as an established entrepreneur and business house.


You get an opportunity to network and grow with a huge number of business owners of the manufacturing sector.


As a business owner you will be able to collaborate with other industrialists in the forum to expand your business and take it multi fold.


For entrepreneurs and startups it's a great opportunity to have mentorship from established large industry houses in the forum.


Gain visibility by participating in large industrial events and fairs from the MIA platform.

Business promotion

Promote your products and services by taking banner ads on the MIA platform and cross-sell to industry houses.

Build Network

Build network with industry relevant government departments


Crowd sourced fundraising platform.

B2B, B2C, B2B2C

Readily available B2B, B2C, B2B2C, market.

New Market/Business

Access to New Market/Business Opportunities