MIA - Cancellation Policy

MIA is a non-profitable, charitable society established by successful industrialists and businessmen from Bangalore and is registered under the Indian Societies Act.

Memberships to MIA are accepted by the Board after due diligence to ensure trusted and verified business owners to board the MIA.

1. If for any reason, an application for membership is cancelled or rejected by MIA, the Membership Fee so paid will be refunded to the applicant within 2 weeks from the date of rejection intimated to applicant by MIA.

2. If for any reason a member decides to cancel his membership after payment of membership fee and acceptance of his membership by MIA, the member shall not be entitled for refund of membership fee or any other amount so paid to the association till the time of his / her information to MIA for cancellation of membership.

3. Donation or contribution paid by a member to the association will not be refunded for any reason.