• Darus Salam Building, Queens Road, Bangalore-01. Karnataka, INDIA
  • +91 9141052050
  • secretary@miaindia.net
  • Darus Salam Building, Queens Road, Bangalore
  • +91 9141052050
  • secretary@miaindia.net

Our Services

  • To voice concerns & demands of our Entrepreneurs with Govt.
  • Participate in formation of Govt policies for Entrepreneurs.
  • Promote entrepreneurship via partnerships with institutions, other associations & Govt dept.
  • Percolate benefits of Govt policies to deserving entrepreneurs.
  • Provide R&D & Professional incubation for promising entrepreneurs.
  • Collaborate collective entrepreneurial strength for community benefit.
  • Strengthen peripheral Ecosystem like skill dev, Prof courses, Corp training etc.
  • Act as bridge for member to take advantage of larger Industry associations and chambers.

Entrepreneurial Development

Reduction of Poverty and Unemployment only possible through Entrepreneurship Development and Educational Empowerment. MIA Promote Entrepreneurship Development within our community to create more employments for supporting our country's economical growth.

Institutional Tie Ups, Internships

MIA hand-hold engineering colleges and universities in small cities and towns, seeking to improve the quality of their graduates and their employability. MIA member Industries provides internships to college students to bridge the gap between Industry and education-employability.

Skill Development, Knowledge Workshops

Skill Development, Knowledge Sharing and networking is a vital component for Human Resource Development. MIA Conduct various Skill Development programs, Knowledge Series workshops for both MIA members and Non members as part of its Entrepreneurship Development, business growth and enhancement.